At Work

I’m not particularly ‘out’ at work. The other day, I was talking about preparation for a class. As I write this, my coven is doing loosely structured discussions of mythology. The text we are using is “Theories of Mythology” by Eric Csapo, an associate professor of classics at the University of Toronto. Anyway, a co-worker saw me reading it and asked why I was looking at something like that (after all, I’ve got Nursing Boards coming up and so I’m not lacking things to study). I said it was for a class I was taking on theology, and of course the next question was “what religion are you”?

Now, granted, there was an undertone of ‘what freaky religion would have classes with actual textbooks’, possibly with the intention of never going anywhere near it. But be that as it may, I didn’t particularly feel like saying “I’m a Witch” (I’ve already freaked one person out from ever speaking to me again with that one).

So I said. “You know the different Native American traditions? Like Lakota and Cherokee?” Good examples, since the local Native American populations here in Minnesota are mostly of those two traditions. Anyway, she nodded, and I said. “Well, I practice Native European.” Which got the usual completely blank look, which was fine. So just to be kind, I said. “Gardnerian.” And conveniently, that meant totally nothing to her.

So until someone comes up with a more obscure term, I’ll keep using “Native European”. It works.

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