Chaos Theory in action ... sort of

There is very little in this universe that is too clinical for me, because I am blessed (cursed? No, blessed, definitely blessed) to be able to see Craft in just about everything (and I'm sure if my sweetie is reading this he's rolling his eyes right now). I once had an angry teenager (okay, I was a teen at the time, but I wasn't "angry" right then, so I was in a bemused state of watching teen angst) once tell me that his importance in the ultimate scheme of the universe was equal to (here he paused and looked around for something really dramatic to make his point) (then he pointed at the grass) as "that blade of grass is to a housewife in Fresno California.

It was meant (on his part) to be really dramatic and final and hopeless and I got a general sense of him shaking his fist at the universe, although I don't think the gesture was literal.

Anyway..... I was watching the blade of grass, and thinking about chaos theory, and the whole butterfly and tornado thing, and it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, that grass blade actually WAS of crucial importance to a housewife in Fresno California. It was a cool feeling.

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