Newt on Newness (to the Craft)

First, a warning. I think that about 90% of the available material regarding Wicca is crap. I could go further and designate sub-categories of crap, such as 'fluffy-bunny', 'just plain BS' and so on, but I get bored with that easily, so I'll just let those two stand. I think it's possible to find good Craft info; it's just not too likely. Okay, checking out really decent used bookstores will improve the odds (that is a favorite sport of mine, in fact).

Now I could take that as a sign that I ought to write a really good book. Or not; after all, I don't have a degree, and who would publish an unknown except for the same purveyors of much of the material that irritates the bejeebers out of me in the first place? There is that, and the fact that I'm lazy, so major book releases from me are unlikely to say the least. However, playing around with a free website is fun. Fitness and diet guru Covert Bailey once said; "the best exercise is the one you will do". In the literary vein (such as it is), this is what I'll do. If you have fun here, well and good; e-mail me and tell me all about it. But I admit that the reason I keep it up is because I enjoy it.

To get back to the actual point of this page (yes, there was one), if you are new to the Craft, then here are a few bits 'o information that might be helpful to you.