The Uglier Buffy-spawned Lessons

Also known as the "why as of season 7 (it is 7 isn't it?) I hate Buffy and Xander" Rant.

What lessons can we learn from this season?

How Not to Treat Spirits

Xander has done an amazing job morphing from one of the most caring characters ever (he truly was 'the heart' as implied in the end of season 5) to one of the most callous, callow, idiots that has ever graced my television (and though they try to hide it, he is definetly easy on the eyes). Mostly he's nice. Mostly he's moral. Except when it comes to demons.

So watch Xander (especially as he relates to Anya, and Spike) to see carefully how NOT to have an honest relationship, and take responsiblity for one's own conduct. Watching him treat them like garbage is really nasty - and depressingly 'okay', because, after all, they aren't human.

How Not to Treat Your HP

Watch Buffy with Spike. Actually, go back and watch most of season 6 too. He is devoted, supportive and caring. Yes, he's evil (DEAL with it). She depends on him to keep Dawn safe, to listen to her when she cannot speak with anyone else. She goes to him when she needs help, when she feels down. But overall, she treats him like shit.

Too many High Preistesses treat their High Preists this way; use them, and then ignore them when they aren't directly useful. I wouldn't want to be around someone who treated their dog this way; and I hope heartily that all such Preistesses come back next time around as men.