Where this site has been

I had a site on Draknet (originally free). They told me that they were shutting down their free service. I said fine, I wanted a site still, and would they please tell me where to send the money (I had found out about this with very little time remaining). They said to continue with the sign up process. I, did, still didn't find or get billing info, and asked again, where I could send the money to. Every time I asked them something, they did answer right away. Unfortunatly they never did actually answer the question I asked (remember - "where do I send the money?"). Mostly they sent pages of links with 'you probably need to read this' appended to them. I was not happy at not getting an acual answer to my question. Or even a 'okay, we won't tell you, but look over here'. Hence, they have none of my money, and I don't have a site there.

Then I got a site on Dreamwater. Things went swimmingly, until I noted that the page loads were taking a long time. I wrote e-mails asking if this was a function of using their free service (after all, there are many things that change qualitatively when you start paying) and the next day my account, not just my site was completely deleted. I don't remember seeing 'thou shalt not ask questions' in the terms of service, I guess I missed it.

Now I have a site with 00server.com; which I have been quite happy with. It's free, and I like that. It has banners and pop-up ads, which I am willing to deal with. If you don't like them - then send me 5$ a month to pay for the upgrading of this site.