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Pagan Ink is a small newsletter put out irregularly by the Pagan Awarness Network. PAN is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving networking, communications and information within the Pagan community.

Pagan Ink originally ran for several years, (you might remember it; we had colored covers after a while) eventually growing to an advertising supported venture. We then promptly made the mistake of expanding beyond what advertising could support; and working on it became far too much 'work' to be an enjoyable hobby. Not surprisingly, it subsequently impoloded and went on hiatus for a couple of years.

Now Pagan Ink is back, in it's original, small newsletter/rant zine format. Subscriptions are currently on hold - we are negotiating a new mailing address. In general, w e are doing this for fun - hence it's not going to get any bigger than what is fun to tinker with in our spare time (right, there is so much of that).

Sections of the Zine [when publishing]:

We rotate through four general topics for the theme of the main article. They are: Magic/Dreams/States of Conciousness, Ethics/Religion/Culture, Mythology and

Discusses a plant (native or not) commonly found in Minnesota. Uses, edibility, description and magical assocations are some of the things we touch on.

We stopped doing them when we got too serious for our own good. My theory is that being dour enough to delete the word find was a strong indication that things were going downhill. E-mail me if you have suggestions for future word find themes.

Our aim is to focus on Twin Cities, and then Minnesota, and then Mid-West events and happenings, but if it's huge, and anywhere, and we hear about it, we'll be happy to announce it.

For a Free Issue

Issues currently unavailable. We will post the next mailing address when we get it.

If you do not specify, we will hold your envelope until the next issue comes out; which means that there may be a long wait. This is why we ask for a "forever" stamp, since if the price of postage goes up, with that it won't matter. If you send several envelopes, unless you specify, we will figure that you want sequential issues and hold extra envelopes for sending you future issues. If you send a postcard, we will laugh, and toss it in the trash.

Survey Section

Feel free to answer by letter or e-mail.
  1. How do you define Pagan?
  2. How has being Pagan changed you?

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