Teaching and like that

If the student is ready, the teacher appears.
- I'd cite it, but I don't know who first said it

If the applicant waits three days without food or shelter, he may enter and begin training.
-Tyler Durden, Fight Club

I think that if the gods call someone, and that someone listens, they will be brought to a teacher or the teacher will be brought to them. If I am supposed to teach, then the students will find me. Hiding will not avoid them, nor will advertising bring them one jot sooner than my Gods have in mind (We’ve tried both, it doesn’t matter). As well, it doesn't mean that things will work out in an easy or comfortable way. As a 3* Gardnerian, I do believe it's my duty to do my best to teach; if asked. I also believe it's meet to be honest - to say "this is my teaching style" and "you would have to do X in order to be my student". Or, if needed "I think you would fit in better with group X".

For right now, that means I'll be informing potential students that since I'm working and going to college I (we, as I teach in tandem with my partner and spouse) won't be doing any serious hands on teaching any time soon. As of May 2008 I have gotten my RN degree, and now just need to pass the NCLEX (ha! "just"). Anyway, it's going to be a while.

That being said, contemplate this:

Roman Catholic Priests have a doctorate in theology.

That's a great deal of education. Most churches - never mind most Pagan or Wiccan groups do not even come close. That being said, My partner and I think that this is an excellent level of education and understanding. To the point: A student in Eglantine would be doing the equivalent of earning an accelerated Bachelor's degree - you could possibly do it in three years, but it's not likely. There would be monthly rituals, weekly (depending on how far along you were maybe up to thrice weekly) classes. Like college, homework would probably equate to 4+ hours of homework for every hour of class. Possibly including rituals. Plus papers, worksheets (any past student of mine can fill you in on the undending stream) and probably more.

Now, I could tell you that all this is a scare off speech; a warning of sorts, and it is. The people who would be opposed to this level of work would not be a good fit here.

"You will never leave where you are, until you decide where you'd rather be."
Dexter Yager

Because Eglantine is not currently active, we are not offering to teach directly and immidiately. That being said, if you have thoughts on paganism, Gardnerianism, Nursing, Gardening or anything remotely related to this website, feel free to e-mail me. I love impromptu discussion.

On a tangentally related subject, here is a partial list of books I heard were good, but have not actually read yet. Reveiws welcome, even solicited!

  • Books I see as Craft related
  • Videos I think would benefit a student
    If you want to learn, how badly do you want it? What are you willing to do, or not do to get it? I can't answer that for anyone but me. All I can do is to say, "here in this group, when we do it, we do it this way".

    When teaching, this is the curriculum