Religion, Ethics, Culture

I would really like to find a single word to express that topic, but so far, no luck. The point is to teach a new mindset. Religion as a way of life, as contrasted with the once a week participation that I experienced as a child. Ethics as a serious and usual consideration, not as an abstract mostly unused concept. Culture as conscious participation in a very large and extended family that includes seeing non-sentient, and even non-alive things as ‘thou’.

The overall goal here is to learn what the Craft consists of; ritual, techniques, tools, philosophy and more subtle aspects, oh, like ethics. What deities and spirits do we relate to and how do we relate to them? What responsibilities, both personal and Craft, do we have? To who? Why? What are Ethics and what are they for? Not to mention some practice in being conscious about them.

R-E-C Reading

Shopping for a Better World a book that gives you the information to look at the long term effects of some of your day to day purchase choices.
Introducing Ethics by Garret and Robinson a cartoon style book that raises some very serious questions. We'll go over this one in class.
The Pagan Ritual Scripts Students will receive copies of the rituals that we do. After participating in a ritual, you will be in a position to look at what it means to you, and why it means that.

Suggested Additional Reading

Or to put it another way, the stuff that isn't actually required, but may well come up in discussions.
Living the Martial Way by Forrest E. Morgan A really good look at what honor and internal ethics mean, and some very practical applications.

R-E-C Applications

Considered realistically, this could be a very long list, but I'll start with just a few things.