History of the Craft

A person cannot function effectively without having a memory. History is the memory of a culture. So we work to gain a historical understanding and perspective of Paganism in general, Wicca in general, and eventually Gardnerianism in particular.

When researching general pagan history, there are plenty of bits that we find in history books, like "it was considered bad and pagan to picnic in a cemetery" that make little sense, unless you happen to have the background knowledge to understand them. We study history to understand how the different aspects of the Craft have expressed themselves over time, and see how we are still connected. This is a step toward being able to access those connections.

Historical Reading Materials

Historical Applications (oh yes, field trips :)

Meet other Pagans and eventually other Gardnerians. Travel across the country, meet the elders and talk with them. There are some really wonderful people out there that it has been a great honor, as well as really fun, to meet and spend time with. This will include trips to museums to look at historical and Craft-related items.

Historical Homework: The history of you

The primary paper here will be for you to research an in-depth overveiw of some specific religious path (pagan or not) that you have roots connecting to. Explore your family tree (most have a surprising number of branchings) and get to know one of the paths that your people practiced. This forms a starting point for a lot of interesting things.