Mythology and Symbology


First reason: To gain an understanding of the language and purpose of mythology and symbology, because it's not exactly a common skill. Myth and symbols are a language used by a part of the brain that often doesn't get much respect in our culture, which both a pity, and a major part of why some new (and old) to the Craft donít seem to Ďget a lot out of ití; they arenít speaking the same language. Like any language, there are things you can 'say' symbolically that cannot be said any other way. Mythology is usually where we start new students. because it gives us all a common ground and common language (of sorts). As an adjunct to this, I plan to also study ceremonialism and alchemy, but that will take a while to happen. Feel free to send me book recommendations.

The second reason is to some extent an expansion of the first, familiarity with myth and symbology because it makes ritual more effective. Along with that, mythology impacts life. Like any other skill, knowledge of it will affect other areas of our lives, and enhance them.

Mythic Reading

Mythic Activities

Mythic Homework

Well, this one in particular will have a lot of written homework. The 'making' of items will kick into full gear once you have been initiated, and if that doesn't make sense, see the Oathbound sections).