The Craft; as seen by Newt

This path is also known, depending on who you are talking to, by other names. Accurate ones include Wicca, wica, witchcraft, famtrad, hereditary craft, BTW (stands for British Traditional Wicca), Gardnerianism (a particular sect of BTW) or any number of other names. Inaccurate ones include satanism.

In my opinion, most of the people who don't practice it, don't really have a clue what it's about. Of course, I also thing the same thing of most of the people who claim to practice it. If someone volunteers that they are a wiccan, in my experience it is statistically likely that they have no real clue what that means, and will spout off any amount of nonsense about 'empowerment' and 'the good old days'. Bah.

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Posted by Adam on Amber and Jet

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